Realtime Register launches extensive new SSL certificate portfolio
Zwolle, The Netherlands, September 11, 2019

Realtime Register, the domain name management platform for registrars and resellers, announced today it has completely renewed its SSL certificate portfolio. The company, which already offers over 1,000 TLDs from 50 registries, now also offers its reseller partners over 90 different SSL certificate types from five certificate authorities to sell to their customers.

Berend van Dalfzen, CEO at Realtime Register: “Realtime Register started in early 2000 as a platform for domain management with an ICANN accreditation and contracts with all the well-known registries. That is how we are now able to offer our partners over 1,000 TLDs. But we see customer demand is changing and our partners are looking for additional services to bundle with domain names. Take security and trust for instance, an increasing number of man-in-the-middle and phishing attacks, website hacks and data leaks has created a major opportunity to sell SSL certificates. Website and business owners increasingly need the security provided by an SSL certificate, to make sure data transactions are securely encrypted.

The market for SSL certificates is growing rapidly. According to research numbers provided by Google and Mozilla, the number of page loads conducted over SSL has increased from 30% in 2014 to 80% in 2019. According to Let’s Encrypt, 95 million websites were using a free SSL certificate in Q1 2019, which represents just 0,1% off all websites, while 32% of websites still didn’t have an SSL certificate. Meanwhile the market for SSL certificates is growing at twice the rate of domain names or hosting.

Berend van Dalfzen: “The major opportunity we currently see is the increasing adoption of SSL certificates and, paradoxically, the introduction of free Domain Validation (DV) certificates. We truly believe free SSL certificates aren’t a threat to paid SSL certificates, they are actually helping build demand for paid SSL certificates. Internet users have become used to seeing SSL certificates. But while the often-used free certificates and DV certificates deliver secure data transactions, they don’t prove trust. Research shows that almost half of phishing websites now use a free or DV certificate to fake trust. That is why we see an increasing demand for Organizational Validation (OV) and Enterprise Validation (EV) certificates, where website owners are validated by the Certificate Authority. These certificates deliver a level of trust that free and DV certificates can’t deliver which website-owners are increasingly willing to pay for. And with the competitive pricing we are offering our partners, this increased demand is a very interesting opportunity for our partners.

About Realtime Register
Realtime Register is a leading ICANN accredited registrar, offering over a 1,000 TLDs and SSL certificates at competitive prices. 1,100 partners worldwide benefit from a custom made domain management platform built for efficiency, speed and ease of use. The Registrar Gateway facilitates the use of own accreditations and ADAC provides an advanced domain name checker with suggestion tools and instant results.