Today 1 June 2015, Serverius announced the upgrade of their core routing environment by four new NE40E-X8A Huawei routers. This group NE40E-A universal service routers series will offer a wide range of hardware features like line-rate forwarding, a new well designed Quality of Service (QoS) mechanism, strong service-processing, and excellent expandability for future networking needs. With this all, Serverius will answer to the increased demand for low latency bandwidth by its datacenter users.

All four routers are equipped with redundant routing engine line cards, redundant power supplies, redundant carrier port routing line cards and more. With the highest level of HUAWEI TAC support it will provide the highest possible hardware uptime.

Serverius announces huge network upgrade by Huawei routers-netengine40e-x8a-jpg

Sergey PetukhinSergey Petukhin, Senior network engineer: “Even after renewing all our current core network hardware in the past year, the customer demand of an even higher quality is still increasing. That’s why we now will upgrade to a total new infrastructure. Yes, in the beginning of this year we added also a redundant fiber ring to Frankfurt Germany without intervention of Amsterdam to our network and it gave our network the best possible network routes Europe. But as a result of this route advantage we got allot new international enterprise clients in the past months asking us to provide more and more specific network configurations, extra services and even better redundancy.

Our current router sets are also new but from an older generation and therefore simply not capable to offer the high level of comprehensive customized network services in the future anymore. Therefore we now invest in the best possible core routing environment what will offer us stability, flexibility and a lot of speed in order to be able to fulfill all of our client’s future needs.
The speed and features of this new 10G, 40G and 100G port routing cards are really ‘cool’. Now my team have much more features than in the past. With a lot of CPU power and the use of techniques like Openflow, it will also give our DDoS cleaning tool a boost and it makes the general network much more stable.”

Gijs van GemertGijs van Gemert, CEO of Serverius: “I’m very excited to get this whole new core routing hardware. A few years ago our network was just a small outsourced network but in de past years changed it to one of the largest commercial networks in the Netherlands. This new Huawei hardware is the finishing touch to lift our network to the best quality in Europe.

For more than 3 months we have compared Cisco, Brocade, Juniper and Huawei. At the end we chose Huawei because of its fast software development and its high hardware port density. Where some brands are unable to offer or find it difficult to offer multiple 40G and 100G ports on one linecard, Huawei simply offers it. In total we can strongly compete and keep our current clients happy for the upcoming years.
In the upcoming months we will add the new hardware to both of our datacenters. Every datacenter will get a redundant router setup of 2 routers, but at the end it will be one network of 4 routers on 2 physical locations. Our Serverius “active/active” dual datacenter setup we will move one level higher than currently do with anycast routing.

With the new dark fibers from Amsterdam, the new redundant fiber ring to Germany, the 100G waves, our wide range of peering and transit providers, our own engineers, and now this new routing hardware we will be really ready for the upcoming years. I’m really proud of what our Serverius team and our users together achieved!”

Theo van Andel, Marketing Manager Huawei Enterprise Business Group: “Huawei and Serverius have built up a relationship started the end of last year with the successful implementation of Anti D-Dos. Continuation of our cooperation is the next logical step and therefore we encourage this innovative development within the data-center environment. Serverius prove with this Huawei implementation how a Data-Center is able providing services to their customers based on latest technology which was until recently mostly used by Carrier Service Providers (CSP’s)”.


About Huawei
HUAWEI is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Huawei is committed to creating maximum value for telecom operators, enterprises and consumers by providing competitive solutions and services. Products and solutions are deployed in over 170 countries, serving more than one third of the world’s population. In the Netherlands, Huawei employs 650 staff and works together with telecom and ICT companies. Huawei currently has three offices in the Netherlands with headquarter in Amsterdam.

About Serverius
Serverius offers supporting IT infrastructure services. From their own Dutch datacenters they offer a wide range of services like network, colocation, DDoS filtering, hardware financing, on-site hardware support and customized IT solutions. Both datacenters are located between the world’s largest internet hubs of Amsterdam and Frankfurt. This entire product portfolio provides comprehensive support for international corporations that need trustful presence in Europe. Visit for more information.