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Onderwerp: AlmaLinux is Born!

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    AlmaLinux is Born!
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    AlmaLinux is Born!

    In December, CloudLinux announced that it initiated a project to replace the now defunct CentOS stable release. At the time, we assigned the code-name Project Lenix. We are delighted to announce that Project Lenix is on schedule for release in Q1 2021 ? and that it has a new name.

    Your free, open-source CentOS replacement is now called AlmaLinux.

    Why alma? Alma is a Latin-language word for soul. Just like every developer and every user that relies on a Linux-powered OS, we at CloudLinux benefit from the dedicated and often selfless efforts of the Linux community. This community is the soul of Linux. In the spirit of the Linux community, we decided to call our new distribution AlmaLinux.

    As Project Lenix crystallizes into AlmaLinux, we can confirm that our replacement for CentOS will be a 1:1 binary compatible fork of RHEL 8. Future RHEL releases will also be forked into a new AlmaLinux release.

    AlmaLinux will be a stable, production-ready version of RHEL that can act as a drop-in substitute for CentOS. Switching from CentOS to AlmaLinux is easy, fast, and does not interrupt server operations.

    Join AlmaLinux Reddit Community
    Stay tuned for the updates!

    Igor Seletskiy,

    CEO and Founder of CloudLinux Inc.

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    AlmaLinux is Born!
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