Calling all practitioners in the field of IT security! The 5th edition of t=
he best Polish IT security conference, CONFIDENCE 2008, is taking place in =
May 15/16, 2008.

We invite all to send the proposed topic and abstracts of presentation till=
the end of January. Please, remember that CONFidence is an open, internati=
onal conference and all presentations should be given in English. If you wa=
nt to give your lecture in Polish, please send an e-mail to the address giv=
en below.

The answer to CfP should include:
# name, last name and e-mail address of the potential speaker
# speaker's short bio, describing his experience and skills# speaker's plac=
e of residence
# presentation topic with short description of proposed lecture (no more th=
an 500 words)
# non-standard technical requirements

Applications should be sent to andrzej.targosz{@} till 31 Jan=
uary, 2009.

We are especially interested in presentation concerning:
# 3G/4G, SS7, WLAN, RFID, Bluetooth Security
# Analysis and reverse engineering of malicious code
# Analysis of vulnerability, attacks and defence against networks, hardware=
, software
# Virtualization and operating systems security
# Data recovery, Forensic and Incident Response
# Physical security
# Firewall technologies
# Web applications security and cryptographic

We do not accept marketing, non-technical presentations aimed at presenting=
and selling any products. If your lecture presents company or its product,=
please do not send it!

CONFidence conference is a non-profit event and speakers are not being paid=
.. However, we always try to provide financial help and cover travel expense=
s and accommodation if possible. It needs to be agreed upon after acceptanc=
e of the submission, though.

CONFidence Team