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28/11/05, 20:45
FreeWebStat Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities

Name Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities in FreeWebStat
Systems Affected FreeWebStat (verified on 1.0 rev37)
Severity Medium Risk
Vendor www.freewebstat.com
Advisory http://www.ush.it/2005/11/25/free-web-stat/
Author Francesco "aScii" Ongaro (ascii at katamail . com)
Date 20051125

FreeWebStat 1.0 rev37 (the last version at the write time) is vulnerable
to multiple XSS. The impact is a little bigger since datas will be
stored in a flat file and the result of a single query will persist for
some time on the backend. A well-timed loop of requests will assure the
XSS to be permanent.

This can be used to inject arbitrary JS code into the page and make the
JS pseudo-permanent, so other users will execute the JS without the need
of any special url.

Advisory released on 20051125:
Free Web Stat Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities