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Sabri Berisha
14/01/03, 16:51

Het onderstaande heb ik zojuist gepost in news.admin.net-abuse.email:

Hi all,

As so many ISP's, my employer does not use any RBL's on its mailservers.
Reason for this is that effectively, you as ISP, determine which mail gets
send and which not and some (most?) clients don't want that.

Because I am sick and tired of spammers and wanted to use RBL's on the MTA
and not by spamassassin (I prefer a 550 Sod off instead of /dev/null) I
decided to write something for this.

I have coded a little program which gets compiled into qmail-smtpd and
makes it possible to configure per-user and per-domain (and global if you
wish) checkings of DNS-based RBL's. The current version supports up to 128
blacklists per user (or domain) and returns a 550 after the RCPT TO
command if a domain or remote MTA is listed.

Unfortunately, sendmail is not yet supported. Reason for this is that a
decent implementation requires a milter-filter (who the hell invented this
name? ;) and milter is threaded. No thread-safe resolver is currently
available on FreeBSD (development platform of the program).

The program has been compiled and tested on Linux and FreeBSD, it should
work on more OS'es.

It's downloadable at


Just wanted to share this with you as I think some of you will be
interested :-)

Maar ook voor mensen hier kan het wel eens interessant zijn :)

Het is te vergelijken met wat XS4ALL heeft met hun aan en uitzetbare
rbl-dingetjes, maar dit is vrij downloadbaar :)

Sabri Berisha
"I route, therefore you are"