Bekijk Volledige Versie : Cisco 6509 v.s. BigIron 8000 v.s. Extreme BlackDiamond 6808i

16/08/03, 17:40
Cisco 6509 v.s. BigIron 8000 v.s. Extreme BlackDiamond 6808i

Cisco 6509 = 1 * Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engine-2, 2GE, plus MSFC-2 / PFC-2
BigIron 8000 = 1 * B8GMR3 - Mgmt III + Gigabit
BlackDimaond 6808i = 2 * MSM64i Full Layer 3 Managment Module (50015)

Obviously Cisco is the most expensive, BlackDiamond coming second and BigIron third.

What are your preferences?

I would prefer those that have experience in using the above, to give there feedback.

Also if you can reply in English it would be greatly appreciated.


16/08/03, 20:03
I would go for the Foundry BigIron but choose for a MGMNT IV management blade, it has a better processor and more memory

16/08/03, 20:54
It depends for what purpose you want to use them.
For me, Cisco is no option. That leaves Extreme and Foundry.

16/08/03, 21:29
i you wanna do only switching i would say pick the extreme bd.
It is very stabel as SWITCH

16/08/03, 23:50
Thanks to you guys/gals for your replies.
The switch(s) would be used for core-switching which will be connected by dual gigabit fibre to the dual M40's which will do the routing.

Once again, thank you for your feedback.

17/08/03, 00:03
which company are you from?

17/08/03, 00:14
You will hear from us very, very soon ... ;)
We are currently in the setup phase, the juniper m40's are here 50 feet infront of me and are being tested.

Ive had very mixed reports on the switching, so was looking for some more feedback. Thank you...

We Dare
17/08/03, 19:02
We use both Extreme Blackdiamond and Foundry BigIron 8000s but it's hard to say which one is better, both are very stable switches.
The only difference between the 2 switches are the features.
i.e. the BigIron supports bi-directional rateshape on 1 single port, if you want to do the same on the BD you'll need one (empty) loopback port extra.
The BlackDiamond 'looks' more impressive IMHO ;)

P.s. If you want to use a BigIron only as plain layer 2 switch the B8GMR3 mgmt will be more than enough.

18/08/03, 02:29
We-Dare thank you, that is helpful.
Do you mind me asking what type of traffic you are doing on each switch and the load on both?

Also, How is the Extreme OS? (stable, buddy, better than cisco ;))
Ive seen some reports, where Extreme BD washes the BigIron and the CISCO out of the water from Tolly Group.

So it has got me thinking again..
Thank you for your reply, I was going to PM you but your inbox is full.