Bekijk Volledige Versie : transits en peerings

16/07/03, 22:37
Beetje stomme vraag en ik weet ook niet zeker of ik hier goed zit.

Ik lees net iets over dedicated hosting en er wordt gesproken over 'transits en peerings'. Wat is dat?

16/07/03, 23:11
Peering allows two networks to exchange traffic only when that traffic is destined specifically for the receiving network. Transit uses one network to reach other networks. Peering is often a free service between local or similarly sized networks, as it is equally beneficial to both parties. Transit is invariably a paid service, since it is the essential portion of "Internet access". PitX is intended for peering only; transit should be sold over dedicated point-to-point circuits elsewhere. PitX will not function as a point of presence for access providers seeking to sell Internet access.

16/07/03, 23:19
Dank je wel Frenk ;-)