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Keith Woodard
03/01/03, 21:12
Product: Integrity Protection Driver (IPD)
Version: 1.3 and earlier
Subject: New Integrity Protection Driver (IPD) Available
Date: January 3, 2003
Solution: Upgrade to version 1.4


The Integrity Protection Driver (IPD) is an open source kernel
driver for Windows NT and Windows 2000 that attempts to provide
integrity to the Windows kernel by blocking kernel-altering
device drivers, such as rootkits, from changing normal kernel

A new version of the IPD has been released that corrects a
vulnerability that circumvents the driver's protection.

More information about the IPD, including its open source license,
can be found at:



Phrack 59-16 provides sample code for circumventing the IPD using
a kernel function, NtCreateSymbolicLinkObject and mapping a new
name to \Device\PhysicalMemory. This specific use of
NtCreateSymbolicLinkObject was fixed in version 1.3 of the
IPD. However, Jan Rutkowski recently discovered that the same
function can be used to map a directory to a drive letter through
the use of the subst command. This could be used by a malicious
user to circumvent IPD's protection of driver files.


Users of the IPD are urged to upgrade to the latest version.

The latest driver and source code may be downloaded from the
Pedestal Software web site at


Thanks to Jan Rutkowski <jkrutkowski@elka.pw.edu.pl> for
telling us about this new vulnerability.

Phrack 59-16 by crazylord <crazylord@minithins.net>


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