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01/07/10, 15:16
Future-proof: Hetzner Online introduces IPv6!

In the last few years Hetzner Online has been laying the foundations in the
business' network and administration for the new internet protocol IPv6.

From now on clients whose servers are located in data centers 6, 10, 11 or 12*
can apply for IPv6 addresses in conjunction with their previous IPv4 addresses
at no additional cost via their administrations interface Robot. These will
be allocated immediately after ordering via the tab "IPs" of the concerning
server and selection of the link "Ordering of additional IP, failover IP or

Because the last free IPv4 addresses are anticipated to be assigned within
the next year, IPv6 with its enormous address capacity will solve the problem
of an address shortage.

*To find out which data center houses your server, use a trace route (E.g.
via http://www.traceroute.org). For example location DC 4:

5 11 ms 11 ms 11 ms GigE-0.Hetzner.DHK.N-IX.net []
6 13 ms 12 ms 12 ms hos-bb1.juniper1.rz4.hetzner.de []
7 61 ms 94 ms 130 ms www87.your-server.de []

01/07/10, 16:13
Werkt perfect, binnen paar minuten hadden onze machines daar IPv6 :)

02/07/10, 01:05
Heb daar ook wat bakjes, ga eens aanvragen!

02/07/10, 01:10
Wat voor blokken delen ze uit per rack/server?

02/07/10, 08:24
Wat voor blokken delen ze uit per rack/server?Een /64 per server.

12/08/10, 17:51
Spam, banned