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14/11/07, 19:43
Twee nieuwe Quad Core Workstations

Utrecht, 13 november 2007 – Een jaar na de lancering van de eerste workstations gebaseerd op Quad-Core Intel® Xeon™ kan HP melden dat gebruikers een prestatieverbetering van 400 procent ondervinden, met een ‘double-digit’ stijging van productiviteit en snellere return on investment.

De verkoop van op Intel Xeon gebaseerde HP workstations blijft stijgen. Volgens marktonderzoeksbureau IDC was HP met 39,1 % marktaandeel in Q2 2007 marktleider op het gebied van workstations in EMEA. De groei bedraagt 63.7 procent ten opzichte van vorig jaar.

HP introduceert vandaag twee ‘eight-core’ workstations – de HP xw6600 and HP xw8600 – beiden voorzien van twee next-generation Quad-Core en Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors. Beide modellen zijn vanaf januari 2008 in Nederland verkrijgbaar; richtprijzen voor de xw6600 vanaf € 1300 en voor de xw8600 vanaf € 1600.

Volledig persbericht in het Engels

One year after delivering its first workstations based on Quad-Core Intel® Xeon™ processors, HP said customers are experiencing performance increases of up to 400 percent, with double-digit gains in productivity and faster return on investment.(1,2)

Companies use HP workstations to design everything from running shoes to race cars, animated characters to deep-sea submersibles, and to manage everything from billions of dollars of tradable securities to mission-critical IT environments.

During the past year, HP workstations based on Intel Xeon processors have continued to ramp up in sales. According to market-research firm IDC, HP was the market leader for total workstations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) in calendar Q2 2007, with 39.1 percent market share and with 63.7 percent growth year over year.(3) HP’s workstation growth has been driven by fast-developing economies, vertical markets, and workflow and productivity transformations that quad core technology brings to customer environments.

Today, HP followed up on this momentum with the introduction of two eight-core workstations – the HP xw6600 and HP xw8600 – both powered by two next-generation Quad-Core and Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors.

“Customers can expect HP to be first to market with leading-edge technology at a great value, while improving the workstation customer experience,” said Alberto Bozzo, vice president and general manager, Commercial Products, Personal Systems Group, HP EMEA. “As part of our singular focus on satisfying the world’s most demanding users of workstation technology, we offer more performance and robust capabilities, while also designing for the environment.”

Unveiled at an HP and Intel co-hosted event in San Francisco, the new workstations are designed to meet the needs of some of the most computing-intensive industries, including software design, architecture, high-definition video, game development, scientific imaging and oil exploration.

“Our eight-core HP machine goes beyond what I thought was capable in a workstation,” said Jason Pohl, senior designer, Orange County Choppers, a maker of unique, custom-designed high-performance motorcycles based in Orange County, N.Y. “Simultaneously, I can do five SolidWorks designs, several large Photoshop documents, render 3D studio max 900,000 polygon models with textures, run Outlook, and access several websites while streaming music and video. One more thing: It doesn't miss a beat!”

What’s new under the hood:

· Two next-generation Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor 5400 series or Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 5200 series, based on Intel’s new new formula for creating chips, (Intel 45nm Hi-k metal gate silicon technology), which provide significantly better performance per watt than their predecessors and eliminate eco-unfriendly lead;

· Dual, full-performance PCI Express Gen2 x16 graphics slots;

· Memory capacity of up to 128 gigabytes in the HP xw8600;

· Storage capacity of up to 5 terabytes;

· HP workstations are 90 percent recyclable by weight and now come standard with more than 80 percent efficient power supplies, saving businesses money by reducing power requirements;

· Supports HP Remote Graphics Software, Performance Tuning Framework, tool-less chassis, and acoustic optimization technologies; and

· Form that is optimized for desk-side, desktop or industry-standard rack mount solutions.

The quad-core HP xw6600 and xw8600 Workstations are expected to begin shipping in January 2008 (in Holland) with starting prices for the xW6600 at €1300 and for the xw8600 at €1600.(4)

“For an entire year, Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors with leading energy-efficient performance have been enabling businesses around the world to work more productively,” said Tom Kilroy, vice president and general manager, Digital Enterprise Group, Intel. “Before the end of 2007, we’ll help enable even higher levels of productivity when the new 45-nm Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor 5400 series and Intel 5400 chipset-based platform deliver breakthrough performance to help improve the processing and visualizing of large amounts of complex data.”

HP customers share real-life quad-core experiences

At HP and Intel’s Quad Core World Tour San Francisco event, customers shared best practices and productivity gains using quad-core “experience centers” to demonstrate how the technology has transformed the way they run their businesses:

Wareham, Mass.-based Factory Five Racing, the world’s largest manufacturer of component car kits, uses quad-core technologies to do simultaneous product design and analysis, on the same workstation, often times using all the cores. Using HP quad-core workstations, Factory Five has experienced a 4x reduction in their design-analysis times.

Houston-based El Paso Production is one of the top 10 domestic independent energy companies in the United States. It uses HP Intel-based quad-core workstations and Landmark’s GeoProbe® software to analyze and interpret seismic and well data. Using quad-core technology, El Paso has seen a more than 400 percent improvement in seismic analysis throughput, directly affecting their exploration and production success.

The Neenan Archistruction company, located in Colorado, is an architectural design and construction company that is rethinking how clients participate in decision-making about their projects by using virtual animations to help them visualize end results. Using HP’s quad-core workstations, Neenan is able to render animated environmental scenes up to eight times faster.

The faster, more powerful quad-core workstation technology has helped Orange County Choppers eliminate roadblocks and streamline their creative process. Its new state-of-the-art facility, due to open in early 2008, will be equipped with an HP computing infrastructure.

Phoenix Design & Analysis Technologies, a mechanical engineering consulting company, has been able to cut turnaround time on some simulations to one-tenth of the previous time with quad-core HP workstations running the latest computer-aided engineering simulation tools. The systems also have allowed the company to deliver more accurate computer simulations of products being developed by their customers earlier in the design process when changes are relatively inexpensive.

More information about HP workstations is available at www.hp.com/go/workstations (http://www.hp.com/go/workstations) or www.workstations.tv (http://www.workstations.tv/).

(1) Quad Core is designed to improve performance of multi-threaded software products and hardware-aware multi-tasking operating systems and may require appropriate operating system software for full benefit. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology.

(2) According HP customer El Paso Production

(3) Source: IDC Q207 Workstations Tracker

(4) Estimated street prices. Actual prices may vary.