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03/04/07, 17:11
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Official EA feedback:
Connection Problems with Battlefield and other Titles
We wanted to update our players on the current status with the issue that is preventing soldier selection in Battlefield. Due to an ISP service outage the soldier databases are not accessible to players who are logging in. The problems with service are not limited to only Battlefield and are causing similar login issues with other titles that utilize IGN/Gamespy online services. Because this issue is not intrinsically linked to the systems used to operate Battlefield or any of the other affected games but rather the communication between players and those systems we are uncertain of when the ISP outage will be corrected. EA DICE and Gamespy are working hard to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and sincerely appreciate your patience during this outage.

03/04/07, 17:24
Aha, dat is het dus!

Mijn buurjongentje kwam al langs of ik zijn computer wilde fixen wat zijn BF2 werkte niet meer :P

Probleem gevonden :)

03/04/07, 18:00
Inmiddels na 48 uur opgelost! :)

03/04/07, 18:43
Hoorde het gister al op TS, kon er vreemd genoeg zelf wel opkomen rond ~20:30 uur, als een van de weinige. Ikz eg vanavond weer pwn-time :-).