Come work for one of the fastest growing security start-ups in The Netherlands.


To support the rapid growth of Patchman, we’re looking to expand our team with bright and security minded software developers who love to be challenged. Are you excited to join us in our mission to proactively protect and secure every website on the planet and revolutionize the hosting industry? Please read further:

About Patchman, the product
Our customers comprise of large web hosting providers all around the globe. Security is – obviously – extremely important to them. However, there’s one layer of the security stack they have little or no control over: the code of their end users. Most websites use standard software as a foundation. Did you know that about 30% of the web is running on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal? Hackers continuously exploit security vulnerabilities in these foundations to upload and execute malware. Effectively, this allows hackers to run any malicious code they want. For example: to send spam, launch DDoS attacks or inflict far worse damage.

Patchman comes to the rescue! We offer web hosting providers a fully automated SaaS solution to index security vulnerabilities/risks and resolve them by automatically applying safe backported patches and by defusing malware. On top of that, we offer a web app that helps all stakeholders (including security officers, system administrators, helpdesk employees and end users) to operate Patchman and keep the web secure.

Your role:
As a Back-end Software Engineer you play a critical role in the organization. You will have full autonomy and responsibility over two major areas: 1) the web-facing applications that are being used by our employees, our customers and their end-users, and 2) the internal back-end services. In the back-end we’re processing, analyzing and acting upon scan data that is submitted by our agent software running on our customers’ web hosting servers. Our product is offered as SaaS and delivered from our own centralized infrastructure. Scalability challenges and the sensitive nature of the data that we are processing make this role incredibly demanding and interesting. You need to have a deep understanding and knowledge of Python, Task Queues, managing large data sets and security. Your work directly impacts the safety and workings of millions of websites around the world, so attention to detail and a high quality standard of your work are extremely important skills that we are looking for in evaluating our candidates.

Your responsibilities:
  • Design, build and deploy new features for our web-facing applications and back-end services.
  • Review and iterate architecture to ensure scale along with our incredible growth.
  • Review and iterate architecture to ensure sensitive data is stored securely at all times.
  • Work with external firms on security audits.

Our requirements:
  • You have a true passion for the security field.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or an equivalent professional education.
  • For Dutch candidates: Master’s degree in Kerckhoffs Institute for Computer Security is +1.
  • Several years of relevant work experience as a Software Engineer.
  • Advanced proficiency with Python. Low-level language experience a plus, but not required.
  • Deep understanding and knowledge of Django, Celery, asyncio are a big plus.
  • Deep understanding and knowledge of managing large data sets and security.
  • Must be comfortable with customer-facing roles including support and documentation.
  • Self-driven work ethic. You need to love taking initiative and seeing things through to completion.

Please check out for all details and requirements and more information about how to apply for this position.